Windows Dedicated Server

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Windows Dedicated Server

Techastrum is a leading provider-managed Dedicated / Enterprise Hosting solution to small, medium and large companies. Many leading companies around the globe are using Cloud hosting services with our association. Techastrum provides fully managed dedicated server hosting in Moradabad India offers windows dedicated hosting and Linux Dedicated Server in Moradabad.

A Dedicated Server is a single independent server. It gives you the freedom to configure your server in any way you want and it gives you full access to that server. When you purchase a dedicated server from Techastrum, you not only get a server, you get a Fully Managed Server Solution. We will provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to run your business on the web.

Features of Our Window Dedicated Server

Windows dedicated server is one of the preferred selections of the individuals since it provides an interface alongside click and print server management. The interface is user-friendly, and also makes you aware of the working of your website.

Benefits of Window Dedicated Server

  • Support For .NET Technologies

    .NET technology could be a software system framework built in the house of Microsoft. All the websites that are created with .NET technologies are only supported by Windows Dedicated Server.

  • Support For MS, VB, MS Access And MS SQL

    Windows dedicated server offers assistance to the databases that are built with Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL, unlike the Linux server that does not support such databases.

  • Support For Microsoft Web Development Tools

    One of the first benefits of a window dedicated server is that it offers support to varied Microsoft web development tools like FrontPage and Visual InterDev

  • Support For Microsoft Sharepoint Services

    In order to share data, Microsoft has generated a service platform "SharePoint".

  • Convenience For All MS Office Services

    The files associated with Microsoft office are accepted universally, in spite of the price of Microsoft's software. If you're seeking MS office services on your server, simply choose Windows dedicated server.