Linux Dedicated Server

For Complete Root Access & Control Of Your Linux Server Hosting

Linux Dedicated Servers
Linux Dedicated Servers

Techastrum is a leading provider-managed Dedicated / Enterprise Hosting solution to small, medium and large companies. Many leading companies around the globe are using Cloud hosting services with our association. Techastrum provides fully managed dedicated server hosting in Moradabad India offers windows dedicated hosting and Linux Dedicated Server in Moradabad.

A Dedicated Server is a single independent server. It gives you the freedom to configure your server in any way you want and it gives you full access to that server. When you purchase a dedicated server from Techastrum, you not only get a server, you get a Fully Managed Server Solution. We will provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to run your business on the web.

Features of Our Linux Dedicated Server

Known for their stability, flexibility, individualism and innovative technology, our Linux Dedicated server solutions became the popular choice of numerous satisfied purchasers. some of the noted features of the Secure Linux Server offered by our company are as follows:

Benefits of Linux Dedicated Server

  • Inexpensive Software

    The low-cost hosting with inexpensive licensing attracts many new marketers and small scale entrepreneurs to start their business at a relative value with Linux. this is perhaps the biggest reason why Linux managed to top the web hosting industry in a very short span of your time with ease.

  • Benefit Of Choice

    There are various Linux distributions available in the market to select the one that suits your business needs the best.

  • Learning Environment

    The open-source development environment of Linux offers budding developers the liberty of learning the ins and outs of the platform, alongside thriving community support of the adepts.

  • Community Support

    The open-source platform of Linux is backed by thriving community support of the many programmers and developers that modify, enhance, and distribute the services to the general public.

  • Associated Ease

    The ease of use and fast method create Linux "the favorite" of the industry giants situated worldwide. The platform meets all basic web hosting needs of the businesses, but, LINUX's functionality and performance may be additionally enhanced by installing Perl script, MySQL, AND, PHP, etc.

  • Stability

    Linux is acclaimed for its ability to run for years with none failure and effectively handles processes running at the same time better than windows.

  • Safe And Secure

    A secure hosting server became a vital need since major tech brands experienced on-line hacking or theft in the past. As far as the security is concerned, Linux outguns different web hosting servers effectively, with its easy and secure software fixes, maintenance, and upgrade.