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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is considered as the most efficient and effective marketing method in the online world. It involves around drafting and implementing an integration online marketing strategy via social websites.

We love creating creative campaigns along with our clients, to help their brands reach higher visibility and business results through social media. Social media is taking the world by storm. Our team can help guide with many of your social media endeavors. Social media marketing websites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are huge platforms which are easy to access without any costs involved. Business owners benefit from connecting to target audiences directly and efficiently via social media marketing.

Social media marketing revolves around creation of distinctive content which generates the attention of prospective buyers. Such kind of content also encourages the members of the sites to share the information about particular brands of their liking with other members in their networks. This spreading does the trick of popularizing the brand.


With over 115 Million Indians now on Facebook, there is no better way to connect with your audience and build top-of-mind recall. For impulse purchase categories (e.g. restaurants, fashion products), Facebook is an attractive channel for lead generation as well. Techastrum IT Services Private Limited Beat has created significant brands in Ecommerce, Real Estate, Education and Media.


While smaller than Facebook, Twitter has proven an excellent channel to build a strong and vocal customer base and interact with influencers to broaden the reach of a brand. We have developed Twitter specific campaigns and contests and reached over 100,000 Twitterati.

Social Media Marketing Services at Techastrum IT Services Private Limited:

  • Creating Social Media Profiles
  • Optimizing the Profiles with Relevant Info
  • Developing Marketing Communication Strategies
  • Implementing Fun Applications & Creating Badges
  • Keeping the Profiles Updated and Active
  • Making Followers Participate In Contests
  • Monitoring Their Responses and Feedbacks
  • Building & Developing Online Community
  • Monitoring the Community Efficiently
  • Social Network Community Development
  • Social Media Automation

We are experts in developing interactive online marketing campaigns for generating interest for your brand. For doing this, we use the potential of our expert team and the innovative capabilities of our managers. We use facilities such as blogs, widgets, videos and forums for the purpose of marketing your products and services. Our campaigns will ensure that the awareness of your brand spreads like wildfire across the online world. You can rely on us to make your brand a success.

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