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Real Estate Software

You're in safe hands with Real Esate Software.

Real Estate Software

Techastrum IT Services Private Limited company specializing in providing real estate software. We are the provider of property management software solution for real estate. The company is working with loyal customers over the long term through our great business services and flexible delivery models. Techastrum IT Services Private Limited offers a complete web based ERP for real estate. We offer end-to-end solution and has more features and functionality than any others in the same horizon. Our high quality services and solutions computerize all business processes throughout the task life cycle and provide better performance by giving views of the business at the macro and micro level. Techastrum IT Services Private Limited provides the key metrics necessary to effectively manage a project and increase profits.

Our company provides easy to use and low cost analysis tools that will help you maximize your profits. Whether you're an experienced real estate industry or new, Techastrum IT Services Private Limited real estate software gives you the tools to make your investment a success. Techastrum IT Services Private Limited offers several ready-to-use and customized software for the real estate industry. Our products are designed for specific types of real estate industry players including real estate dealers, real estate marketing companies, real estate developers and builders. Techastrum IT Services Private Limited Real Estate Manager Software Solution makes great business sense and here is why:

Software Features :

  • Customize commision structure
  • Customize Permission User Wise
  • Branch Creation
  • Branch Login
  • Manage Ranks
  • Mange RD (Recurring Deposit )Plans
  • Manage FD (Fixed Deposit) Plans
  • MIP (Monthly Income Plan)
  • Pension Plan
  • Manage Daily Plans
  • Advisor Login
  • Registration Details
  • Renewal List
  • Due Renewal List
  • Ledger
  • Expanse Entry
  • Income Entry
  • Day Book
  • Collection Reports
  • Incentive Details
  • Payout Details
  • Upload Projects
  • Upload Photo Gallery
  • SMS Alert
  • Query Facility

There is a clear advantage in using Techastrum IT Services Private Limited Real Estate Management Software solution. The reason we have a very large set of companies using our Real Estate Manager Software Solution is because it is:

Most Comprehensive Solution :

  • User Interface
  • Easy To Use
  • User Friendly
  • Mature System
  • Stable
  • Secure

Techastrum IT Services Private Limited focuses on providing superior property software and software for real estate solutions and services to construction companies, real estate, commercial construction companies and providers of service management. Our company combines knowledge of the domain industry in-depth. Our technical expertise are always there to help our clients to leverage information technology and achieve measurable business impact. Real estate agents and developers worldwide rely on our property management software that helps them work smarter, faster and cost effective.

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